Water sports you should try

July 9, 2019

Water sports have become the hobby of thousands of people during the summer. Simply by renting a boat or renting a jet ski and going out to sea we can already practice the various types of water sports that exist. These activities have become the most common in summer on all the beaches of the Mediterranean.

If we are one of those who love sports, adrenaline and have strong and intense emotions we should not miss the opportunity and try to rent a boat and go to sea to discover a new world.

Types of water sports

But there are so many sports modalities that finding the most suitable one can take some time. So, you know, jump into the water to navigate with your jet ski and start discovering this incredible world of water sports.


Kayaking is an adventure sport, it connects you with nature, it gives you a close view of the coast. It allows you to reach places that would otherwise be difficult to access, such as the interior of caves.

To move with the kayak, you use the paddle as a rudder. It is important that you hold the paddle with your arms extended and slide the paddle through the water from front to back as close to the kayak as possible. First one side and when you pull the paddle back, extend the other arm and repeat the movement. This water sport requires good balance, strength in the arms and back, control and coordination if practiced in pairs. The speed and direction depends on the understanding of those who are in the same kayak.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is one of the best known and most popular modalities in summer. This combination of skiing and surfing is the perfect mix to practice.

Water skiing is very simple to do, it consists of sliding through the water on top of some skis while being dragged by a boat or jet ski. This sport can be done by anyone, the only thing it requires is good reflexes, good balance and of course not be afraid of water.


Wakeboarding is another of the most popular water sports when renting a boat. It is very similar to water skiing, we could say that it is a mixture between it and snowboarding, similar to water surfing.

The practice would be identical to water skiing but with the difference that wakeboarding uses a board, very similar to surfing or snowboarding, which has bindings for the feet. Thanks to the waves that will be produced by the wake of our boat, we can make, with a little practice, some pirouettes and some impressive jumps.


Subwing is one of the least known but most popular water sports on the Mediterranean coast in recent times. This mixture of water skiing and free diving is very easy to practice: it consists of holding onto a platform that simulates two wings and letting yourself be dragged by a boat using a rope of approximately 15 meters. Subwing allows us to explore the ocean like we never imagined.


Wakesurfing is one of the most extreme water sports with a board, a mixture of surfing and wakeboarding.

In wakesurfing, the person rides a board, similar to a surfboard, and is pulled by a motorboat until it reaches a speed of up to 12 to 15 km per hour. At the moment we go at the same speed as the boat, we must leave the rope and try to surf the wake left by the boat. One of the main advantages is that the wave that the boat creates when sailing is almost perfect and never ends, so we will be surfing until our body holds out.


The water sport flyboarding is one of the most impressive water sports of the last years: the combination of flying over the water, jumping as if you were a dolphin and doing pirouettes is one of the most demanded attractions among the sea lovers.

This sport is very simple, it doesn’t require any kind of strength or physical preparation, the only thing you need is a little balance and not to be afraid of the water. This is one of the most impressive ways to make the most of our day on the boat

Nautical Banana

The nautical banana is one of the most fun and incredible experiences that can be practiced with our rental boat. It is an activity focused on all ages, from the youngest to the oldest in the boat.

It consists of towing the banana by means of a rope hooked to the boat that we have rented. The waves, the jumps, the turns and the speed at which the boat sails will try to destabilize us and make us fall into the water. The most fun thing is not trying not to fall but seeing how others try not to lose their balance.

Water sports are one of the best experiences to enjoy the sea, speed, adrenaline and fun. Practicing these sports is very simple, with renting a boat and the appropriate equipment for the type of sport you are going to practice, you will have everything you need to enjoy these wonderful sports with your friends or family.