Tips for safe rafting

May 9, 2019

For those who like bright impressions rafting is one of the most popular activities. It is a real adventure, full reboot after hard work and life in the big city. It is especially popular because of its dynamism and cheerful mood. And, like every activity, has its own secrets, which you need to know to make the experience really bright and positive. After all, adventure is an adventure, and the head and everything else must remain intact.

What is it really?

Excessive extreme or pleasure, sports or entertainment? Such questions arise necessarily, especially if you hear about rafting for the first time and have only read the Wikipedia article. Indeed, “speeding down a mountain river on a special watercraft” is probably dangerous and only for professionals!

But the truth is that there are many rivers, they are different in complexity, and there is always an opportunity to survive adventures, available even to unprepared people. An experienced instructor is always with the group, and now for rafting special modern equipment is used, which people could not even dream about some 50-60 years ago.

That’s when it was really the duty of professionals! So do not be afraid to go to rafting – the adrenaline will be exactly so much to wet your pants a little and be enriched with vivid impressions.

Outfit or why it is profitable to be an amateur?

For rafting, special equipment is used. First of all, this watercraft itself, usually a catamaran or raft, can be used still inflatable kayaks or plastic kayaks. Personal equipment necessarily includes a life jacket, paddle and helmet, depending on the weather or your desire, there may be added a special wetsuit (keeps warm well, though it gets wet) or a water-repellent suit (protects against splashes and rain, some “advanced” raincoat). For full combat readiness can be added more hydronoses and hydro gloves.

From time to time on the alloy you will be poured with water or at least spray. You should not be afraid of them, because these moments bring the most emotions. The hydrosuit is made of neoprene material, which perfectly retains the heat of your body, so it will be cold only for the first few seconds.

Is it worth buying all the necessary equipment in advance? Definitely not, everything can be rented from the organizers of rafting. It is possible to choose the size, to consult what is better in this case. It is enough to take a change of clothes and shoes to change after the alloy.

Security – what is important and how to check?

There are three things you are sure to do before meeting with the rough mountain water: Test your sobriety (it is contraindicated to stir the impressions of intoxication with impressions of rafting). There is no need to argue, just do not drink alcohol immediately before the rafting. They will conduct a safety briefing (how to behave on the water and on the shore, introduce you to the equipment and instructor).

After it, you will be given everything you need for the alloy, and the instructor will check if the equipment is well fitted. They will have a short training at the very beginning of the alloy, so you will get acquainted with the rowing technique and the main teams. Rafting is a group exercise, so anyone who sits on a boat with a paddle can influence its movement.

What should you pay attention to? First of all, if you missed anything of the above, immediately ask for the necessary information, if anything was unclear. From the moment you meet the instructor, listen carefully to his commands and instructions, this is an experienced person, even if he is younger than you.

Take a close look at the equipment you were given if it has any flaws (for example, a broken buckle), replace it with a fully functional one.
If you do not know how to swim, do not worry too much. Even if you get into water, the vest will keep you afloat. The main thing is not to panic and inform your instructor about your level of training in advance. And also, rafting is incredibly driving and fun, so get ready to scream, squeak and laugh indecently loudly. After all, when else, how not here?

Everyday life – what to expect and what not to expect?

Rafting is conducted in places remote from civilization. Life is organized among nature, mainly in a specially equipped tent camp (rafting camp), although it is possible to live in the homesteads of local residents.

For a multi-day program in a rafting camp, overnight stays in a modern 3-seater tent using a warm sleeping bag and a heat-insulating mat. Additional amenities include a specially equipped place for meals, evening meals by the campfire, toilets, and parking. For the pleasure of rafting, this is usually enough.

If you want to come for adventure only for one day, the only inconvenience is the road to the rafting camp. To replenish your strength after the rafting is very important full nutrition. Therefore, it is usually included in the price of a multi-day program and is fully (including personal dishes) provided by the rafting organizers.