Arizona Termites – Common Species

January 22, 2022

Termites can make fast work of ruining a structure to the point that fixing might not be feasible. These tiny pests live in colonies that can be enormous. Documented instances have revealed that some queens of termite colonies have lived for greater than 50 years. Professionals state that it isn’t a stretch to state that they could live to be 100 years old. In Arizona, termites are typically found to be among five species.

Desert Subterranean Termites

Among one of the most common below-ground termites in Arizona, these termites are basically restricted to the area in addition to California, mostly in the desert locations. They do turn up once in a while in Colorado in addition to Houston, however, they are generally focused in the Gila desert of Arizona and The golden state. While they can reside in desert plants such as dead cactus, they can be very damaging to architectural timbers in houses, out sheds as well as other buildings as well as utility poles, and other structures built of hardwood.

Desert subterranean termite swarmers are approximately 3/8 inches in length, including their wings with a pale brownish yellow body. The soldier has a rectangular-shaped head as well as effects that are long as well as sharp. In comparison to the Western subterranean termite’s thick and also curved mandible, the desert subterranean termite’s jaw is instead straight and slender with a slight contour at the pointer.

Arid-Land Subterranean Termites

Taking into consideration one of the most common and harmful termites in Arizona, the arid-land subterranean termite can be discovered in an excellent two-thirds of the country, from the Pacific Coast to Indiana, to Mississippi, and also throughout the Gulf Coastline, then upwards to Montana. Their colonies have been located in a variety of land types from dune to elevations in excess of 7,000 feet within the states of the Rocky Hills. While they can be found in damp environments such as river low lands and also along streams, they are primarily a desert species.

Swarmers gauge around 1/3 inches long with wings or 1/5 inches without. Their bodies are black or dark brownish with whitish wings. Soldiers have to do with 1/4 inches long as well as their jaws are really comparable to those of the desert termite because they are long and also straight. The only difference is that the arid-land termite’s mandibles are a little thicker.

Western Drywood Termites

These termites are commonly found along with the coastal areas in addition to in the southwest, as far north as Sacramento. They are the heaviest in the coastal areas. In Arizona, the Western Drywood termite is in charge of most of the dry wood termite damage. They reside in wood, consisting of furnishings, picture frameworks, and wood, that has a dampness material that is less than 12 percent. People are responsible for a good deal of their distribution via furniture and other timber house things.

Swarmers are roughly 1/2 inches long, wings consisted of. The abdominal area is dark brownish while the head and also pronotum are brown-orange. Soldiers’ heads are anywhere from orange to a reddish brownish with whitish eyespots. Their mandibles have an unequal number of teeth and antennae that are big in the third section.

Pacific Dampwood Termite

These termites are the biggest in the USA. They are likewise the most significant, located as much as 6,000 feet over water level. Nonetheless, they appear to prefer the moist, cooler coastal locations as that is they are most commonly found.

Swarmers can be as high as 1 inch in length. They are a light to tool brown. Their wings are dark brownish. Soldiers are normally 5/8 inches to 3/4 inches as well as are the biggest termites in the USA. They have big heads with long, black mandibles. Their bodies are black to a dark red-brown with the abdomen and also thorax commonly a light brown.

Desert Dampwood Termites

This variety of termites are generally constrained to the dry as well as semi-arid southwestern states consisting of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and also California. They reside in wood that typically expands right into the dirt. They have been understood to overtake shrubs and trees, killing them.

Swarmers are dark brown in shade

Termites in Arizona are damaging bugs and also they can be an obstacle to manage. It is best to leave termite removal and also control to a pest expert. Learn about these termite facts by going to this link.